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Life is Better Unscripted.

This post is unscripted. I've been trying to fit blogging into my life. Or fit my life into blogging. It ain't working. But what works for me is talking sh!t when the mood strikes. It's hard to find your footing by today's standards. As I bitched before, I guess I'm sort

Thank you

Thank you, I appreciate that The other day I was walking down the 6th street in D.C. and I passed a homeless woman on the step. She was a rather large woman who didn't quite look homeless---just, without a home. She asked for money. "I smiled and told her I didn't

Waking Up Insecure


EDITOR'S NOTE: This is a vanity post. I'm going to be ranting about my fitness and body image. So, if you're sensitive or preachy...   cause today ain't the day for that!   So anyway, I woke up feeling insecure today, wondering, 'what the fuck happened to you?' I use to be the shit!