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Who I am?

I ‘m D.M. Ackerman, a homie, a lovah, a friend. Heyyyyy! I’m originally from Cambridge, Maryland and moved to Baltimore, Maryland in 2006 and kind of got stuck.  I’m a graduate of Morgan State University and the University of Baltimore.

I have started and stopped blogging so many times, it’s kind of ridiculous but I think I’m serious about it now. I make a lot of typos, sometimes I ramble, and the other times I come up with a great concept and worry constantly if it’s good enough. It’s my thing.

So be nice. Send me an email. Comment: “Yo, you spelled loath wrong.” Tis’ okay. I can’t take it.

Who I Want to Be?

This blog will be all about my love of food, family, and just simply things that make me happy. It will be about topics I like, like politics, pop culture and careers. I’ll also talk about stuff I’ve learned, stuff I’m learning, and stuff I should already know that my younger sister seems to know better.

So I’m excited, I hope you all enjoy my documenting my passion for writing and my personal growth into an becoming smarter, happier, richer, healthier Black-ass woman.