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Weight For Me!How to Find a Fitness Community that Works for You!

Weight Loss Tips: 5 Effective Ideas to Help you Find and Keep a Fitness Community

Yesterday, at my sister’s “See Ya’ Later” dinner, my best friend Aaron poked fun at my mom and her sorority of walkers. That’s her group of girlfriends that have joined together to walk towards better living. It’s actually an admirable thing, but considering he’s gay and I’m sort of a bitch, it’s in our nature to make fun of the mundane in life. It’s our coping mechanism.

While I’m not one for communities, I do acknowledge that sometimes, you need a community. That’s a group of people with the same goals as you. Much like when you were in school and needed a community to study with. We all read the same sh!t, but other’s interpret it a little differently.

After all, some people come to study hall to actually do work and study. Other’s come to ….study.

My mom has been doing really well. She’s slimming down and her confidence is boosting due to her hardwork and weight loss. She has always been one of those women that flourished in a community. And that’s totally fine.

Me, myself? I’m not sure if it’s because I consider myself on the far end spectrum of introverted-ness or if it’s because I don’t like to be held accountable (both could totally apply here), what I know to be true is that I prefer smaller scales of this theory.

I can work out with friends. “Just don’t push me to hard; don’t call me one weekends and don’t trick-bag me into a harder workout than what you advertised.” Not too much to ask for if you ask me.

So, as we work together to fight this battle of the bulge, let me make some suggestions to you to help you find a weight loss community that could work for you.

Fitness Apps

Fitness apps like MyFitnessPal allow you to track your caloric intake. What some people don’t realize is that MyFitnessPal also allows the user the opportunity to communicate with other users through the community tab within the app.

How this helps? While tracking your calories you can access challenges (which can lead to prizes such as the Samsung Gear Fitz) and chat with other users of the app in real time. There you can utilize the community to discuss your personal challenge with food and fitness with the hopes of getting a few tips or words of encouragement along the way.

Fitness Trackers

My Fitbit is my favorite new device that I didn’t know I needed; it’s so much fun. I realize now that when you become an adult, you have to find the funny in sh!t like weight loss and filing your taxes. I digress. Fitbit is an amazing fitness tracker. A lot of people want to know if it works? It’s works pretty well and even if/when it doesn’t capture all your steps, you really get a snapshot of your daily fitness life. How often you move, how long you sleep, what’s your resting heart rate.

How this helps? My favorite part of this app IS the community. Whether it’s one you create with your friends, family, and or co-workers; or one you find via the online forums, you can literally find someone on your fitness level that is just as excited to start their fitness journey as you are. You can even cheer people on virtually! It’s an introverts dream. And for all you extroverts out there, use it to find local groups that work out. That actually brings me to my next point.

Local Groups

Much like my mom’s walking groups, there are many local groups in your local community that enjoy coming together to sweat and feel good about their weight loss journey. I even joined a cool group in May. And by join, I mean I visited, they worked the hell out of me, and then I laid in recovery for two days.


We met up at the crack of dawn. Ran track, climbs stairs and learned each others names. They called me Dee and embraced me with their sweat. It was the stinkiest, sweatiest, most fun I’ve had working out in awhile. It’s in my nature to complain, and I did plenty of it. But they put up with my sh!t and made me feel like a part of the team. It sparked a work out revolution in me. I haven’t been back because this particular group meets during my dreaded 2 hour commute, but I will be back. Hopefully I’ll be able to show some improvements.

How this helps? It was local, it was fun, and it was free! Done!

Discover a New Workout

My coworker invited me to Zumba a few months back. I can’t dance and have bad knees. I get embarrassed easily and again, I complain a lot. However, Zumba has been so much fun! While the group is super supportive and the instructor is a booty bouncing, thirty-six, twenty-four, thirty-six Brick House; I’ve never felt out of place. They allow me to move on my own and when I can’t get the move or my knee locks up and I have to play it off, no one laughs, looks or points. At the end of the workout, my Fitbit is flashing telling me I’ve met my goal.

Zumba is a fusion of dance moves, from hip hop to country line dancing that incorporates intense cardio to get you burning those calories.

How this helps? It doesn’t have to be Zumba. That’s what I choose, but choose a new workout that you’ve always wanted to do or learn and let loose! It’s like learning, if your having so much fun, you’ll forget you’re learning (or losing weight; I’m making this saying work!)

Bet on Yourself!

If none of these seem to work, eff it! Bet on yourself! Platforms like Dietbet, Healthywage and allow you to bet on your weight loss goals. They all have different rules, I’m most familiar with Dietbet.

Anyone from friends to strangers and even fitness celebrities can create games. Players place bets, ranging from $10 to $100. Whoever reaches their goal splits the pot, minus DietBet’s fee.

This is the one thing out of the list that I haven’t tried. But it sounds promising. I’m not in a position to place money on my weight. I haven’t created a routine and …I complain a lot. So I’m not sure I will be investing in this one anytime soon, but if you’re at this place in your fitness routine–have at it!

How this helps? If you have already established a fitness routine and have been doing pretty well with your goals, why not try to make some money off of these sites and if all else fails, you would have learned a truly, valuable lesson.

In writing this article, I did have one thought as I discussed my many experiences on the topic.

Hell, maybe I do need a community.

What about you? 

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