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Summer Protective Style: Lemonade Braids


Lemonade Braids

Summer is for braids! As Summer wraps up and we sashay into Fall, I wanted to talk about the braids of the summer–the Lemonade Braids. Everyone is getting them now! I loved mine, however I struggle to think about getting them again. Here’s why:

  • I loved the length, the braids are layered with hair to extend the length. That means she added hair as she braided down (not just one long braid). This however, also made it heavier, as she used 6 packs of hair for my hear–which is shaved on the sides.
  • The style is very flattering. It showed my face nicely and still gave me length which I find to be important with this particular cut for me.
  • ACCESSORIZE! Since I got these braids, I have seen people add beads and shells for design. I wish I could’ve done that but my braids were thin (as I requested) and I couldn’t find nice sized beads to fit on the hair.
  • This style isn’t versatile, that’s my number one complaint as it applies to my haircut. I like to wear buns and such, you really can’t do that with this style. Also, my hair started to grow under the braids and my barber couldn’t cut it. So one side with dope boy fresh and the other side was made of wool.
  • Lastly, the cost. These cost me about $100 at the time. Now, stylist charge nearly $200 for these. I will forever have an issue with this as I don’t even have a full head of hair! I often wonder, if I only had one hand, would Nail Design charge me for a full set???


Try my hair stylist if you’e in the Baltimore area. She stay booked!

Lemonade-Braids-Protective-Style-Natural-Hair-Side-Braids-Shaved-Sides Lemonade-Braids-Protective-Style-Natural-Hair-Side-Braids-Shaved-Sides

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