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25 End of Summer Date Ideas


Summer Date Ideas

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This was fun! My sister is moving to Spain and I was thinking, me and my boyfriend ain’t did sh!t all Summer. So I came up with this list of awesome Summer dates that I’ve already done and dates I’d like to get do before it starts to get dark at 5pm.

  1. Hip Hop Zumba- is so much fun. Dance and Aerobic inspired moves help you to work up a sweat with your boo. He might be a little against it, based on the stigma of booty shaking being a woman thang. But there are couples inspired zumba courses that allow you to team up in movement.
  2. Zoo
  3. Amusement Park
  4. Picnic
  5. Cooking Class- in the summer usually involve a summer inspired dish like Summer Corn Salad. Your non-cooking asses can finally learn to put the pots and pans from your registry to good use and build up a personal recipe book. The Blank Cookbook Recipes & Notes: (Cooking Gifts Series) is a good place to keep your collection of recipes you actually like.
  6. Summer Concert
  7. Boardwalk/ Beach
  8. Museums
  9. Bike Ride- if you don’t have a bike, rent one. There a tons of places around that allow people that’ll allow you to rent bikes for an evening date round the city(or countryside with your love bug.
  10. Hiking- you can find paths to get lost in from beginner to expert trails. Make sure you dress for the occasion and take a hiking adventure with you partner.
  11. Go Swimming
  12. Movie Night- 
  13. Reggae Wine Festival-find a reggae wine festival where you can soak up the sun, drink outdoors, eat authentic Caribbean foods, and Dutty Wine with your boo.
  14. 5k Run/Walk- whether¬†you walk or you run, whether¬†you’re trained or straight-up off the couch, you must do a 5K with your partner. You’re mixing special time together with fitness.
  15. Baseball Game
  16. Farmer’s Market
  17. Bus Day Trip- catch a bus to a city near you. My boyfriend and I caught a Mega bus to New York City from Baltimore. In the 4 hours it took to get us there, the arguments as we walked to the 9/11 museum, and the moment we shared looking over the reflection pool, it was worth every dollar ($60 round-trip). I plan to make this an annual trip.
  18. Outdoor Festivals- different from a Reggae festival, you can find an outdoor festival in the summer that specializes in anything. In Maryland, there is a Pork in the Park festival that features a variety of pork with complimentary flavors.
  19. Nature Walk
  20. Drive-in Movie
  21. Restaurant¬†Week- you can tell I like to eat right? Restaurant¬†week is a cool time to try a new restaurant¬†for a low cost. You can get a 4 course meal for a set price! You can’t beat that and you won’t even have to wash the dishes afterwards.
  22. Ferry Ride 
  23. Air B-n-B- Let’s role play. You’re not mom. You’re Keyshia, his 22 year old assistant whom he sees in her swanky downtown apartment. Except, it’s all fantasy. For a low cost, you can rent an entire house for a fair cost and pretend to be someone new for the night. No matter how kinky it is.
  24. Dinner for Two (on the deck)- take your typical pizza dinner out on the deck for the evening. You can bring out the radio and simply enjoy each other’s company. Cook a new dish or order out while listening to my MOOD music (¬†Talking Book (Reissue).
  25. Learn em’- let yo’ man (or woman) teach you something new. Find something you really want to learn, like how to play pool, or spades. When you become the expert you already were, he will proudly take credit for it. The point here is that your partner will enjoy teaching something they know well and you will enjoy learning it.

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