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Boss up Angela Yee


I wanted to write about how I think it’s time for co-hosts of the nationally syndicated morning show The Breakfast Club , Angela Yee to move on from her job with the ignorant and complacent ass Charlamagne and DJ Envy but then I thought; I don’t know her like that.

This platform could be exactly what she thinks she needs as she needs it at the point in her career. Who the hell am I to say she needs to move on? So I’d like to say this:

It’s time for Angela Yee to demand respect from her male counterparts on this morning show. It’s a lot less scandalous but an equally important discussion.

On Monday, Miami based Rapper Rick Ross was on the Breakfast Club promoting his new show Signed. I’m not going to belabor the points that have been made regarding the rappers response to a question about signing female mc’s:

“I always thought, like, ‘I would end up f***ing a female rapper and f***ing the business up.”

But I’d like to discuss the atmosphere of male misogyny; particularly as it applies to the this Hip Hop Radio platform.

As it stands, the Breakfast Club, the World’s Most Dangerous Morning Show is comprised of three co-hosts; Charlamagne the God who plays the jester, D.J. Envy who is the show’s DJ and Angela Yee, the show gossip.

Every week, they bring on guest to promote or discuss the happenings of the week. Past guest have included Political Commentator Angela Rye and Presidential Candidate, Former First Lady, Former Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton.

Per interview you can count on DJ Envy “acting” clueless and Charlmagne the God pressing the guest for viral-esq soundbites. Angela Yee? She’s reduced to the gossip.

What bothers me is not Angela’s role on the show; do you girl! But the fact that in this reduced role on the show, Yee is often throw into the butt of the continual misogyny of the team.

In the interview with Rick Ross Charlamange the God points out that “Ross” had asked Angela Yee to show some him some legs. “I need to see your legs though,” says Ross as he appears to look down under the table at her legs. Angela Yee, who has pointed out on numerous occasions, appears timid as she responds “they’re right under here.”

Charlamange yells out, “Naw, don’t act like that now!” The conversation switches to a pool party that the Miami rapper threw at his house that she was seemingly not in attendance to; “I need to see you twerking at the next one,” he states as he leers at her through sleepy eyes.

The interview continues with the men, talking about business and his new show. He ends the conversation, turns to Angela Yee and says, “but let me see your legs though.” She laughs it off nervously.

That on top of the other misogynistic, ‘locker room’  banter that went on between the host and the artist was just…awkward. The show then promotes the interview:


I noticed this previously during an interview with Atlanta rapper, Gucci Mane, who during an interview, shifted his attention to Angela Yee whom he alleges would text him  (presumably when he was single), asking for his hotel location.

“You smashed Angela Yee?” yells Charlamange.

“She done tried. She was on my dick back in the day,” says Gucci Mane.

While the bantering seems much more friendly than the Rick Ross interview, the verbal cornering of Angela Yee is just not okay.

Look, I’m not saying it’s the man’s job to save the women of the workforce. Women have been able to be their own savors for a long mutha-lovin time. However, when it comes to the ‘locker room’ banter of the workplace; it is the responsibility of everyone and in this case, your co-host (I’m talking to you now, Angela Yee) to police the work environment to make sure that it is comfortable and remains respectful of your position.

 tha GIF

Just as you attempted to ice over Freddo Starr when he was getting ready to give Charlamange the business; demand the same and ask these mofos’ to give you the respect your position requires. Or else they can do the gossip they damn selves.


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