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The No Lifestyle Blogger


A Lifestyle Blogger With No Life?

What to write about when you consider yourself to be a lifestyle blogger but you really have no life? I’m not sure.

Every since I was a child, I have wanted to create a piece of work that could be considered “Black People Homework.” Like, ‘read this book to understand what life was like for a black woman in Baltimore in the 21st Century.”

Or “watch this documentary on the life of a black country girl from Cambridge, Maryland.”

I would read Zane books and Eric Jerome Dickey and write stories like them replacing these grown ass people with the interesting lives of my 15 and 16 year old friends. I remember I had a character that was woman, thou art loose –just like one of my hoe ass high school friends. She never figured out it was about her.

I would write in a notebook in class and then go home and type that shit like I was under deadline and Black Expressions book club was waiting for that new hot fire from writer D.M.Ackerman. My first book was going to be called: Songs in the Key of Love.  disbelief say what chris rock hypocrisy tone GIF

But then along came Blackplanet, and Myspace, and Facebook, then Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram. And I found myself losing my dreams of being a novelist; a great writer, getting lost in a field of 140 characters. The images were becoming more important than the words.

And when the words were important, they only seemed to matter only to slander someone. Or to breakup with someone. I remember a status I posted on Facebook was to tell a guy I was seeing to:

“Kick rocks all the way home”

He sent me a message to ask me if it was about him. I guess even then my target audience wasn’t sure if I was speaking to them or not.

With all the new platforms that came about as I entered college, I became lost about what it was that I wanted to do in my career as well. I started out in journalism and thought I was going to be breaking stories about tainted water wells and political corruption. My dad to bring me and my sister up to a National Association of Black Journalist conference.

Kids were jumping on the backs of their parents trying to get an interview with then Presidential Candidate John Kerry. I wasn’t even about that life.

Towards the end of Sophomore year, I switched out to Public Relations. I was gonna work on a large campaign for Pepsi starring some basketball player or singer. Take the sales to record highs and get recognition for my philanthropist works on the side. Yeah, well that was all up until i was introduced to guerrilla marketing. That’s:

South Park marketing sale butters scotch advertise GIF

…it kind of turned me off. Most of all, I respected the art of Public Relations; I actually finished my degree in it. I just didn’t feel I had what it would take to build my career from the bottom up giving the field my all. Hence, here I am now.

Same dreams and goals of the kid me. Sans the glossed vision on the way life works.

So I start here. Same pen name. Same thoughts. Just trying to recapture the fearlessness and confidence I possessed back then. The problem now? What the hell do I write about?

So, what’s your niche? They ask? 

Nigga I don’t know! I just like writing.

It seems like you’re writing about your lifestyle. Are you a lifestyle blogger? 

Hmmm. I guess that could fit. But what if I don’t do shit all day but go to work, cook, clean, and sleep? Is there a market for that?

 excited yes hell agree pumped GIF

I think so too….

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